We work around the clock to safeguard our platform and combat fake reviews

Fighting fake reviews and misuse
We're using a strong combination of dedicated people and clever technology to protect our platform. Our customized fraud detection software automatically detects suspicious reviews and removes fakes. We've spent years developing and fine-tuning the advanced algorithms and AI that form its foundation, and continue to invest heavily in this area. Our software is backed by trained experts to investigate reports of misuse.

Tech Team

We also have a technology team, the TnT Squad, dedicated to developing and fine-tuning our fraud detection software and processes to find new and better ways of weeding out fake reviews and misuse. This brainy bunch from all over the world has diverse expertise including engineering and even a physicist who worked at CERN.

Content Integrity Team

Our Content Integrity Team comes to work every day to help reviewers and businesses understand how best to use our platform. Together with our software, this impressive group of skilled multilinguals handles more than 200,000 requests, queries and reports every month, applying our guidelines fairly and equally and interacting with thousands of businesses and consumers across the globe.

Help from our community

Detecting problems isn’t an exact science and even though we catch most of what’s out there, we always welcome help from anyone using Tarvk. We have tools enabling consumers and businesses to flag reviews that violate our guidelines, and a whistleblower function that allows anyone who notices fraudulent behavior to contact us.

Enforcement Team

Supported by our legal experts, Tarvk Enforcement Agents carefully investigate reports of misuse and stay ahead of any attempts to game the system. They also report and request removal of advertisements from businesses asking for fake reviews or individuals offering to write them.

?What do we do if we see continued misuse

Consumer Warnings

If a business doesn’t comply with our C&D or continuously breaches our guidelines, we’ll post a Consumer Warning on their Trustpilot profile. This lets all Tarvk users know about the business's behaviour, and helps consumers make informed choices.

Cease and Desist

If our warnings are ignored or we continue to see misuse, our Enforcement Agents will escalate the case and issue a cease and desist letter (C&D). The C&D orders the business to immediately stop the misuse, and warns that if they don't, we’ll take further action such as terminating any paid subscription, stopping their Tarvk stars from appearing in search engine results, and placing a prominent Consumer Warning on their profile page.

Automated Warnings

Our robots are constantly on the lookout for suspicious reviews and behavior, and automatically warn businesses if detected. For example, if we come across misuse of our flagging function, a series of automated warnings will be triggered reminding the business to play by the rules.


? You think there is suspicious activity