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Reputation matters

Businesses earn great reviews on TARVK the same way they build their reputations in the community: by creating great products, services, and customer experiences. TARVK works hard to feature content that reflects real experiences that consumers are inspired to share.


Authenticity & reliability

Under TARVK policies, businesses are not permitted to ask their customers for reviews, and consumers can only write about their first-hand experiences. We also use an automated recommendation software, which is designed to identify and recommend the most reliable content.


Fighting misinformation

Fake news and deceptive behavior are unfortunately common on the web. We have teams and policies in place to protect our community of consumers and businesses, and prevent the spread of misinformation on TARVK. Learn more about Consumer Alerts and content moderation.


Data you want to know

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a business. We provide information like health scores, ER wait times, availability of gender-neutral restrooms, and more — to help consumers feel comfortable with their decisions. Learn more about health & safety data and business attributes.


Data Protection Law

For those who live in Europe and the Middle East, we have certificates from the European Union to protect customer data, and for the American citizen we have all the documents except for the state of Nevada and Delaware

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